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Understand how we protect your data


Lens by MJV and your data

Lens by MJV is technology and innovation consulting company with over 25 years in the market, that takes special care in the ethical, responsable and safe treatmant of personal data. We have a commitment to sustainable practices and social responsability that go further than just following the Data Protection Laws. Therefore, we’ve taken precautions to create a privacy policy that is agreeable and clear, so that you maybe understand how your private data will be treated by MJV, and how you may excercise your rights.

To compreehend this privacy policy, we’ll explain a few terms that we’ll be used several times throughout this document.


Data Owner

The person that the personal data corresponds to. In this case, this is you!


Personal Data

Everything that can be used to identify a person, like a name, photo or address.


Data Owner

The person that the personal data corresponds to. In this case, this is you!

Our services and what do we collect

MJV will only collect personal data with your permission: When you sign up for events and/or you fill in a form presented by the company. We’ll also collect your data when you allow cookies in your browser. To be very clear with the reason why we collect this types of data and what do we do with them, follow the cards below:


Consulting Services

We’ll collect data (Name, cellphone, email, jobtitle, location of employment) so we may interact with potential prospects about our services and offers.


E-books and Sign-ups

We’ll collect data (Name, cellphone, email, jobtitle, location of employment) to send emails about offers of service, relevant contect and information about our events.

Reminder: You can exercise your right to interrupt marketing communication by contacting us by email at or accessing the link in “Unsubscribe from Newsletter” when you receive an email, as indicated by the image here:

Cancelar assinatura

And what are my rights?

You have a series of rights guaranteed by law. MJV does not only make an effort to enforce them but explain them as well. We are commited to transparency and clarity when we talk about business.

  • Confirm if we have personal data about you and what are they.
  • Ask that your data are transferred to someone else.
  • Request infromation about our data sharing policies.
  • Request the deletion of your data.
  • Request corrections or limitations to your data.

About Cookies

Cookies are small files that store navegational data when a website is accessed, and can be used to personalize your experience.

MJV utilizes personal cookies(primary) and from third-parties to:

  • Offer interactive content
  • Increase user experience
  • Create analytical statistics
  • Improve marketing campaigns
  • Easily share content in social media platforms
  • Register your browser preferential configurations

If you wish to know in detail about which cookies we use in our website, we also have a detailed sheet you can consult.

Frequent Questions

Do I have to supply my personal data?

No! However, as we’ve stated, MJV only collect necessary personal data so you may interact with us and access some services or offer activiites. Therefore, when you do not consent us to use your data, we may not be able to keep providing you service.

Do I have to accept every cookie?

Only some! A few cookies are strictly necessary to allow some of the website functionalities and these are required. Cookies related to analytics and third-parties may be rejected or configure your preferente to accept your cookies. Therefore, you may choose which option you believe is more adequate.

Is my Data safe in MJV?

Yes! We take your privacy very seriously and employ tecniques and administrative measures meant ot protect your personal data.

Does MJV transfer personal data internationally?

We utilize some partner services that are stored in other countries. Personal dara are protected through each countries privacy laws. We do not use any third-party partner that does not have adequate techniques do protect personal data. Therefore, when you submit a form, your personal data may be hosted in servers located in other countries, following the privacy policy of those partners.

Do you still have doubts?

Feel free to contact Paula Cassel, the Data Protection Officer here at MJV, thought the e-mail:

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